Mac Cafe "Godiva Chocolate Frappe" and "Godiva Chocolate Frappe & Macaroon Chocolate".

New "McCafe Frappe" products

The new "Godiva Chocolate Frappe" and "Godiva Chocolate Frappe & Macaroon Chocolate" will be available at "McCafe by Barista," a McDonald's café and some McDonald's restaurants, from November 2 for a limited time. The new products will be on sale for a limited time starting November 2.

The new products, which are popular at McCafe by Barista, include frappes and smoothies that can be enjoyed like desserts, and are supervised by Godiva Executive Chef Chocolatier/Pastry Chef Yannick Chevorot, who worked with GODIVA on the selection of ingredients. This series has been well received every year since its first appearance in 2020, and has become McCafe by Barista's No. 1* most popular limited-time frappe series.
(* Sales results for the first week after the release of each limited-time frappe sold in the past years are totaled.

This year, the third year of the series, the flavor has been renewed. This year, the flavor has been renewed and the aroma and flavor of cacao can be enjoyed to the fullest.

Godiva Chocolate Frappe

Mac Cafe "Godiva Chocolate Frappe".

The Godiva Chocolate Frappe is a rich chocolate drink made with a mixture of Belgian dark chocolate syrup and shave chocolate made with Belgian couverture chocolate, topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and Belgian couverture chocolate. Topped with shave chocolate made with Belgian couverture chocolate. You can enjoy the deep aroma of cacao and the rich harmony of chocolate with a combination of sweetness and just the right amount of bitterness. Prices start at 550 yen for an M size (tax included).

Godiva Chocolate Frappe & Macaroon Chocolate

Mac Cafe "Godiva Chocolate Frappe & Macaroon Chocolate

The Godiva Chocolate Frappe & Macaroon Chocolate is topped with a macaroon chocolate topping. The Frappe is a chocolate frappe that allows you to fully enjoy the taste of chocolate. Prices start at 670 yen for a medium size (tax included).