McCafé by Barista "Strawberry Cream Brulee Frappe" "Cream Brulee Frappe"

"Ichigo Cream Brulee Frappe" and "Cream Brulee Frappe" will be released on November 24th as the first winter frappe in McDonald's McCafé by Barista. Scheduled to be sold until mid-January 2022 (finished as soon as it runs out). The price is 470 yen for M size and 540 yen for L size (tax included).

Strawberry cream brulee frappe

A frappe base that is a mixture of rich milk and creme brulee syrup, with a sweet and sour strawberry sauce containing grains of strawberry, topped with fluffy cream brulee-flavored whipped cream, a fragrant cigar cookie that has been baked thinly and crashed, and a bittersweet caramel sauce. .. A vivid frappe that perfectly matches the sweetness of creme brulee and the taste of strawberries.

McCafé by Barista "Strawberry Cream Brulee Frappe"

Creme brulee frappe

An espresso frappe that is a mixture of creme brulee-flavored whipped cream and cream brulee syrup in caramel sauce, topped with creme brulee-flavored whipped cream, crushed cigar cookies, and caramel sauce. You can feel the sweetness and richness of espresso every time you drink, and you can enjoy the texture of fluffy whipped cream and thinly baked cigar cookies.

McCafé by Barista "Creme Brulee Frappe"