McCafé "Macaron Citron"

"Macaron Citron" will be on sale for a limited time from January 19th at McCafé by Barista, a McDonald's cafe-equipped store. To go "Macaron Box" "Special Macaron Set" with drink is also on sale.

Macaron Citron

McCafé "Macaron Citron"

"Macaron Citron" is a macaron made by sandwiching a refreshing and sour lemon cream on a crispy macaron dough that you can enjoy the texture and aroma. It first appeared in 2017, and it will be a revival following last year. The price is 150 yen (tax included) per piece.

Macaron box

McCafe "Macaron Box"

Special macaron set

McCafé "Special Macaron Set"

At the same time, the To go "Macaron Box" (800 yen including tax), which allows you to select and assemble 6 of your favorite from 4 types of "Macaron Citron", "Macaron Raspberry", "Macaron Vanilla", and "Macaron Chocolate", as well as "Macaron Citron" and " There will also be a "Special Macaron Set" (500 yen including tax) that you can enjoy with a drink by choosing 2 of your favorite from 4 types of "Macaron Raspberry", "Macaron Vanilla" and "Macaron Chocolate".