McCafé by Barista "White Chocolate Strawberry Frappe"

"White Chocolate Clover Frappe", "White Chocolate Clover Latte" and "Ice White Chocolate Clover Latte" will be on sale for a limited time from January 12th at McCafé by Barista in McDonald's.

White chocolate strawberry frappe

McCafé by Barista "White Chocolate Strawberry Frappe"

"White chocolate strawberry frappe" is made by layering whipped cream with whipped cream using sliced strawberry sauce, and then adding milk-based frappe mixed with strawberry sauce, and then whipped cream, strawberry sauce, and white shave. It is a dish topped with chocolate. The combination of strawberry fruit, crunchy texture, sweet and sour taste, sweetness of milk and white chocolate, and mellow whipped cream allows you to enjoy a refreshing aftertaste while being sweet. The price is M size 490 yen (tax included).

White chocolate strawberry latte

McCafé by Barista "White Chocolate Strawberry Latte"

Ice White Chocolate Strawberry Latte

McCafé by Barista "Ice White Chocolate Strawberry Latte"

"White chocolate strawberry latte" and "ice white chocolate strawberry latte" are based on strawberry sauce and strawberry syrup, hot milk with fluffy forming hot milk, and ice cream with cold milk added to strawberry milk, and whipped on top. Topped with cream, strawberry sauce and white shave chocolate. The sweetness of white chocolate and the slight sweetness and sourness of strawberry milk combine to create a gorgeous dish. The price is M size 390 yen each (tax included).