Komeda Coffee Shop "New Summer Cake"

Komeda Coffee will release a seasonal "new summer cake" on May 13th. Prices range from 450 to 520 yen (tax included, prices vary depending on the store). The sale period is scheduled for early September.

■ Summer cheese
"Summer cheese" is a refreshing rare cheese cream blended with cream cheese and sour cream on top of a baked cheese tart. A two-layered cheese tart with a slight lemon scent. * With honey

Komeda Coffee Shop "Summer Cheese"

■ Salt caramel Mont Blanc
"Salt caramel Mont Blanc" that is perfect for summer. Bitter caramel sauce is hidden in the salted caramel cream. The rich taste of caramel that fills your mouth goes well with coffee.

Komeda Coffee Shop "Salt Caramel Mont Blanc"

■ Chocolate Dolce
"Chocolate Dolce" is a smooth chocolate cream sandwiched with cocoa sponge. Accented with fragrant walnuts hidden in the cream!

Komeda Coffee Shop "Chocolate Dolce"

■ Setouchi Lemon
"Setouchi Lemon" is a gentle cake that melts in your mouth and features a soft chiffon dough. A refreshing scent that makes you feel summer.

Komeda coffee shop "Setouchi Lemon"

* To go support varies depending on the store