Kasho Sanzen "Hagi no Tsuki"

" Hagi no Tsuki" is on sale for a limited time at Kasho Sanzen's online shop. From 1,200 yen for 6 pieces. Shipping fee not included.

The famous confectionery, Hagi no Tsuki, which is shaped like a famous moon floating in the sky of Miyagino where Hagi is in full bloom. It is a sweet that uses plenty of original custard cream with a mellow and gentle flavor and is wrapped in a fluffy castella.

In view of recent circumstances, "Hagi no Tsuki" has also been added to the online shop lineup. You can now enjoy "Hagi no Tsuki" from anywhere in Japan. "I hope you can feel the scenery and atmosphere of Sendai, the City of Trees."

The famous confectionery "Hagi no Tsuki" that seems to enrich your time at home. It's a great opportunity for those who can't usually buy it.