The Woman Who Pours Milk, Mamma Rosa" Otsuka Museum of Art original

The Otsuka Museum of Art is selling an original product, "Mamma Rosa, the Woman Who Pours Milk," in packs of five, with a special postcard, for 864 yen (tax included). It can also be purchased by mail order through the museum's official website.

Woman pouring milk Mamma Rosa

Tokushima Dairy Cake Mamma Rosa" is a milk confectionery featuring a moist and smooth milk red bean paste made from Tokushima Prefecture milk. It has a gentle, nostalgic flavor that can be enjoyed by all generations. In addition to being favored as a Tokushima souvenir, it is also popular for home use and as a gift.

The package was designed based on the painting because "Woman pouring milk" is one of the most popular paintings in the collection and has many fans, and because it is a good match with Mamma Rosa, Il Rosa's signature confectionery, which has been making confectioneries in Tokushima for 35 years.

Vermeer "Woman pouring milk

A painting by Dutch Golden Age artist Jan Vermeer, painted around 1660. It depicts a maid carefully pouring milk into an earthenware pot in preparation for a meal. The Otsuka Museum of Art exhibits a full-size ceramic reproduction of this painting.