Rokkatei "August Mail Order Snack Shop".
(Image source: Rokkatei's official website)

Rokkatei announced on its official website that an assortment of sweets, "August Mail Order Snack Shop," is now available for order until August 27. 15 pieces are included in the package, priced at 3,000 yen (tax included, same below) including cool delivery charge.

Rokkatei August Mail Order Snack Shop

Rokkatei "August Mail Order Snack Shop".

The "Cold Shiruko," which is refreshingly sweet and can be enjoyed with a separate rice cake with a crunchy texture, and the "Blueberry Pie Shuka," a sweet and sour blueberry filling wrapped in pie crust and baked, are delivered in a flower-patterned box along with popular standard items. The list is as follows. The numbers in parentheses indicate the shelf life.

Rokkatei "August Mail Order Snack Shop".

Cold Shiruko x 2 pieces (4-5 days)
Marusei Butter Sandwich x 6 pieces (9-10 days)
Strawberry chocolate milk 60g (2.12oz) x 1 bag (20 days)
Chocolate marron × 2 pieces (10-11 days)
Blueberry Pie Aka Natsu × 2 pieces (13th-14th)
Menkoi Great Plains × 1 bag (15-16 days)
Marusei Caramels × 1 bag (about 20 days)

The package is for home delivery only, is not eligible for Rokkatei points since it is a special shipping item, and cannot be bundled with other items or bags. Packaging design and assortment contents are subject to change without notice. Please note that it may take up to two weeks from the time of order acceptance to delivery. Orders and shipments are subject to adjustment depending on weather conditions and other factors. We do not accept orders for resale, re-sale, or other commercial purposes.