To go compatible "Mega Pork Power Sutadon" at the legendary Sutadonya
To go compatible "Mega Pork Power Sutadon"!

At the legendary Sutadon restaurant, To go compatible "Mega Pork Power Sutadon" will be on sale for a limited time from April 29th. In addition to the usual pork, plenty of fermented foods such as natto and kimchi are used.

The selling price is 830 yen (tax included, when used in the store). A new menu developed at the legendary Sutadonya with the meaning of "I want you to add stamina" while the anxiety of the new coronavirus infection continues.

"Sutadon" with plenty of garlic is topped with ingredients such as natto, kimchi, and tororo. Natto and kimchi are typical fermented foods. Tororo is a nutritious and sticky food. Rich in water-soluble dietary fiber. The classic garlic contains allicin and can be enjoyed with pork containing vitamin B1.

Legendary Suta Donburi "Mega Pork Power Suta Don"
This is a regular rice bowl

Legendary Suta Donburi "Mega Pork Power Suta Don"
And this is "Mega Pork Power Sutadon" with fermented foods!

To go is possible at all "Legendary Sutadonya" and "Specialty Sutadonten" stores. Various delivery services are also available.

However, in response to the government's request to refrain from doing so, each store is closed or shortened. In particular, all stores in Kanagawa Prefecture and Tokyo will stop eating and drinking in the store after 20:00, and will only be open for To go and various delivery services. You are instructed to check the details on the official website.