Lawson "MACHI cafe Frozen Party"

At Lawson, the frozen drink "MACHI cafe Frozen Party", which is perfect for the hot season, is on sale. The price is 340 yen (tax included).

This is a frozen drink that is warmed in the microwave to give it a crispy texture. You can enjoy the flesh of the fruit as if you were eating the fruit itself, and the rich taste of chocolate. A lineup of 3 flavors.

◆ Strawberry
Strawberry cream is added to the rich strawberry frozen mixed with strawberry pulp and sauce, and strawberry dice is topped on top. Increased use of puree and increased pulp by 25% compared to last year (2019).

Lawson "MACHI cafe Frozen Party Strawberry"

◆ Mango
Frozen mango puree with mango cream, topped with plenty of mango pulp and passion fruit sauce. Mango pulp is also mixed in the sleet, and the amount of pulp is increased by 25% compared to last year.

Lawson "MACHI cafe Frozen Party Mango"

◆ Chocolate
Chocolate frozen mixed with chocolate sauce, served with chocolate cream, and topped with plenty of black crunch and curl chocolate. Compared to last year, the amount of chocolate sauce in sleet has increased by 22%, and the amount of curled chocolate has increased by 68%. Although it is bitter, it has a richer taste.

Lawson "MACHI cafe Frozen Party Chocolate"

The "MACHI cafe Frozen Party Series" will be released in sequence toward midsummer, with menus that use fruits as toppings and menus that incorporate trendy drinks.