Lawson "Machi Cafe Frozen Party" Series
For the season when the temperature is high

At each Lawson store, three items from the "Machi Cafe Frozen Party" series of frozen drinks that can be heated in the microwave are on sale from April 16th. The price is 330 yen each (tax included).

"Crazy Crazy Mad Chocolate" is a black crunch with chocolate chips and Ecuadorian cacao (about 41% of the cacao ingredients) in chocolate sauce, and chocolate ice cream made in the Neku region of Hokkaido. Topped with curl chocolate. The bottom contains hazelnut sauce to accentuate the taste.

Lawson "Crazy Crazy Mad Chocolate"
All Things Chocolate

"Berry Berry Fantasy Strawberry" is a rich strawberry shaving mixed with strawberry pulp sauce, topped with strawberry ice cream and topped with strawberry dice. There is strawberry sauce on the bottom.

Lawson "Berry Berry Fantasy Strawberry"
Strawberry juice flesh about 22%

"Bubble Wrap Tea Latte" is made from Sri Lankan Ceylon tea, topped with milk ice cream and topped with black tea sauce. The bottom contains konjac jelly with a bubble wrap texture.

Lawson "Bubble Wrap Tea Latte"
Enjoy the texture