Sukiya "Kale Lettuce Gyudon"

"Kale lettuce beef bowl" will be on sale from April 15th at each Sukiya store. A new menu that allows you to eat one serving of vegetables. For a limited time until mid-May, the price is 550 yen (tax included, same below). You can also take it home.

Also known as the "King of Vegetables" because of its abundance of nutrients, "kale" is often used in salads and green juice. The "Kale Lettuce Gyudon" that is introduced this time was developed so that you can enjoy such kale deliciously.

A dish of hot vegetable kale, red peppers, and lettuce seasoned with a special salt sauce and served on a beef bowl. The crispy texture of the vegetables, the original sweetness of the vegetables, the taste of salt sauce, and the sweet and spicy stewed beef go well together. The scent of black pepper and the spicy spiciness of the finish add a refreshing accent.

In addition, "Kale lettuce curry" and "Onion soup & onion set" with onion soup and onion are also on sale. The new menu lineup is as follows. All prices are average.

Kale lettuce beef bowl (single item) 550 yen Kale lettuce beef bowl onion soup & ontama set 690 yen Kale lettuce curry (single item) 690 yen Kale lettuce curry onion soup & ontama set 830 yen Onion soup & ontama set 140 yen