Long-established Chinese restaurant "Heichinro"
You can also To go the Nadachinro (Source: Nadachinro official website)

The long-established Chinese restaurant "Heichinro" from Yokohama Chinatown provides To go service. You can take dim sum and grand menus home at the main store in Chinatown, as well as at each branch office in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyushu, etc.

In addition to visiting the store, we also accept telephone reservations. The dishes prepared at each store are different, but the menu is open to the public on the official website.

At the Heichinro Yokohama Main Store in Chinatown, you can take home any of the "Grand Menu," "Dim Sum / Dim Sum Menu," and "April Heichinro Side Dish Menu." Some are out of scope.

Specifically, "Mitsuju-yaki (genuine kiln-grilled char siu)" is 820 yen (tax and service charge not included, the same applies below), "Cucumber steamed green melon (cucumber with garlic garlic sauce)" is 770 yen, "Matsuro There is a wide variety of dishes such as "oil seasonal vegetables (stir-fried with truffle oil of eight kinds of vegetables)" for 900 yen and "steamed plum vegetables (steamed mountain potatoes with plum vegetables)" for 900 yen.

Heichinro To go menu
Honey soup roasted pork (genuine kiln-grilled char siu)

Heichinro To go menu
Mala Stirred Green Gourd (Cucumber with Mala Garlic Sauce)

Heichinro To go menu
Matsuro oil seasonal vegetables (stir-fried truffle oil of eight kinds of vegetables)

Heichinro To go menu
Steamed plum vegetable anther (steamed yam with plum vegetable)

In addition, "Grand Menu" and "April Heichinro ANNEX" at "Hibiya Heichinro" in Hibiya, Tokyo, "Heichinro Hibiya" in Kichijoji, Tokyo, "Osaka Heichinro" in Umeda, Osaka, and "Ogura Heichinro ANNEX" in Fukuoka / Ogura. , "Tameike Sanno Heichinro" in Tameike Sanno, Tokyo, deals with "one dish / punctuation, noodles, rice menu". We recommend that you check the latest information on the official website for the business dates and times of each store.