Thirty One "Brilliant Sweet Ruby" for a limited time

Thirty One Ice Cream will release a limited-time flavor "Brilliant Sweet Ruby" on April 6th. The estimated price is 390 yen for single regular size (tax included, price varies depending on the store).

"Brilliant Sweet Ruby" is an adult cute flavor based on the concept of "brilliance" and "glitter" (brilliant) of the jewel "ruby". Thirty One's first ice cream using the attention-grabbing "ruby chocolate". You can enjoy the taste of ruby chocolate with a slight acidity as well as the beauty of its appearance.

An elegant pink ruby chocolate-flavored ice cream is layered with a white chocolate-flavored ice cream, and a bright red candy with the image of "ruby" is mixed. We are particular about the beauty of the appearance. Mixed berry ribbon and strawberry flavored candy using raspberry and strawberry accentuate the sweetness of ruby chocolate. A brilliant taste that matches sweetness and acidity!