Thirty-One Ice Cream "Cotton Candy Pastel

Thirty-One Ice


"Cotton Candy Pastel"

Thirty-One Ice Cream will sell "Cotton Candy Pastel" as a new flavor for March for a limited time starting Wednesday, February 22.

Cotton Candy


The very popular Cotton Candy is now available in a spring-like flavor as a limited-time-only flavor. This ice cream is perfect for the exciting spring season of new encounters.


two colors of cotton candy flavored ice cream, pink and blue, are filled with crispy pink chocolate puffs. The lovely appearance of the ice cream is reminiscent of a blue spring sky with flurries dancing in the air. The flavor is a favorite of both children and adults. One bite will surely make you feel fluffy and excited just like a cotton ball.

[Product Outline]
Product name: Cotton Candy Pastel
Sales period: February 22, 2023 (Wed.) - limited time only (ends when all gone)
Reference price for single and regular size: 390 yen
* Prices shown include tax. Prices vary by store.