Thirty-One Enjoy Spring


Enjoy Spring

"Thirty-One Enjoy Spring" will be held at Thirty-One Ice Cream from Wednesday, February 22 to Friday, March 31. The lineup includes a variety of spring-like products.

The "

Sakura Variety

Box" is a variety box where you can choose your favorite ice cream to To go, and the more ice cream you buy, the more you save.

Thirty-One Ice Cream "Sakura Variety Box".

Thirty-One Ice Cream "Sakura Variety Box".

Thirty-One Ice Cream "Sakura Variety Box".

Reference prices are 1,540 yen for 6 small pieces, 1,960 yen for 8 pieces, 2,800 yen for 12 pieces, 2,140 yen for 6 regular pieces, 2,730 yen for 8 pieces, 3,900 yen for 12 pieces. Prices include tax. Prices vary by store.

The lineup includes a variety of cute-looking flavors that evoke the image of spring. Served in limited-edition Sakura design cups. Reference price for single and regular size is 390 yen.

Thirty-One Enjoy Spring

Cotton Candy Pastel

Blue and pink cotton candy ice cream with pink chocolate puffs. The spring flavor is like petals slowly dancing in the blue sky.

Thirty-One Ice Cream "Cotton Candy Pastel


Sakura Mochi flavor with cherry blossom leaves, available until the end of April.

Thirty-One Ice Cream "Sakura

Burgundy Cherry

Cherry ice cream with cherry pulp, addictive flavor, available until the end of May.

Thirty-One Ice Cream "Burgundy Cherry

White Peach Blancmange

: Spring flavor of amaretto-scented milk ice cream with white peach sherbet and white peach ribbons. Alcohol free.

Thirty-One Ice Cream "White Peach Blancmange

Spring Shake

A shake made by mixing your choice of ice cream with milk on the spot, the Spring Shake is available only during this season. It is topped with whipped cream and pink and white shaved chocolate. Reference price is 680 yen.

Thirty-One Ice Cream "Spring Shake

31 Deco



A spring-only flower version of the "31 Deco Cake" that can be enjoyed by freely decorating the cake base with six pieces of ice cream of your choice and attachments. The petals can be decorated individually in pieces or combined to make a flower.

31 Deco Cakes Flower

There are two types of cake bases to choose from. White" with chocolate chips & strawberries and "Pastel Blue" with caramel ribbon & chopped chocolate. Reference price is 4,000 yen.

31 Deco Cakes Flower

31 Deco Cakes Flower
pastel blue

Spring Choice


Coupon: For every 450 yen (including tax) spent from February 22 (Wed.) to March 31 (Fri.), a Spring Choice Coupon Coupon will be presented. With one coupon, get one extra scoop of ice cream with your next double purchase. With two coupons, a 6-pack variety box becomes an 8-pack at the same price. Valid from Wednesday, February 22 to Sunday, April 9.

Thirty-One Ice Cream "Spring Choice Coupons"