GABAN "Habanero Pepper"

GABAN Habanero Pepper, a new item from the GABAN series of Western-style spices, will be It will be available at supermarkets and other stores from August 15. It contains 17g (0.6oz) and is priced at 598 yen (excluding tax).

GABAN Habanero Pepper

GABAN Habanero Pepper is a powder type spice with a strong and stimulating spiciness that gives curry, mapo tofu, pasta, and other dishes a strong hot taste. This item also goes well with Mexican dishes such as tacos and guacamole. Demand for Western-style spices at home grew significantly on the back of the Corona disaster, and among these, the demand for chili pepper-based items expanded particularly. Among these, the unique and attractive "Habanero Pepper" has now been added to the lineup.