Passion fruit butter chocolate "YOUR PASSION" from canoble
Passion fruit butter chocolate "YOUR PASSION"

"YOUR PASSION", a butter chocolate made from passion fruit juice, will be released on April 1st under the "Eating Butter" brand "Canobre". It is available at the Hankyu Umeda Main Store pop-up store and the direct sales site.

This is the first spring collection of the butter chocolate "THE BUTTER CHOCOLATE" series by Canobre. Couverture chocolate with passion fruit powder is kneaded with butter that still contains milk solids to give it a milky and unique texture.

Passion fruit butter chocolate "YOUR PASSION"
Couverture with passion fruit powder and butter

It features the refreshing sizzle of passion fruit, the rich texture of cocoa butter, and the unique melting of butter. You can enjoy it in various ways, whether you eat it as it is or put it on toast and dissolve it a little. No preservatives, colorings or fragrances.

It will be sold from April 1st to 7th at the 9th floor event hall of "Hankyu Umeda Main Store" in Osaka, and will be sold on the direct sales site "NATIONAL DEPART NET STORE". The direct sales price is 1,368 yen (tax included, same below) with a discount applied for one piece (about 40 g), usually 1,520 yen.