Sega Taiyaki "Corned Beef Taiyaki (with melty cheese)"
Corned beef Taiyaki, a rainy day revival

Sega Taiyaki The corned beef taiyaki (with corned beef), which uses "Nozaki's corned beef" at the Ikebukuro and Akihabara stores, will be revived. Limited time offer from March 27th to April 6th. The price is 250 yen (tax included).

A mysterious dish with corned beef in Taiyaki. In fact, it was created as a collaboration of the signboard products of both companies when "SEGA (@SEGA_OFFICIAL)" and "Nozaki (@ nozaki1948)", who operate official accounts on Twitter, interacted in 2019. It appeared as a limited-quantity menu at Sega's Taiyaki Ikebukuro store, and became popular because it was sold out every day.

Sega Taiyaki "Corned Beef Taiyaki (with melty cheese)"
Sega logo grilled version

2020 will also be revived on April 6th, "Corned Beef Day". This time, the SEGA no Taiyaki Akihabara store will be added, and the "SEGA logo grilled version" will also be on sale. To commemorate the resale, the first 15 people will receive a ballpoint pen with the "Nozaki Corned Beef" logo every day during the sale period.

Sega Taiyaki "Corned Beef Taiyaki (with melty cheese)"
Ballpoint pen with "Nozaki's corned beef" logo

As the name suggests, the contents of Taiyaki are "Nozaki's corned beef." The taste of salted beef and the rich cheese that is thick and thick are combined to create an exquisitely salted bean paste that is wrapped in a slightly sweet taiyaki dough. Since it has a large volume, you can easily eat it with one hand as a "side dish-based taiyaki" that can be used as a snack or a light meal.