Famima "Tokyo Revengers Manmaru Yaki

Tokyo Revengers Manmaru

Yaki (Tokyo Re

vengers Manmaru Yaki), a chilled dessert from the TV anime "Tokyo Revengers" will be sold by Bandai's Candy Division. The release date is March 21. It will be available at FamilyMart's chilled dessert section. Price: 230 yen per piece (tax included). Limited quantities available.

This is the first collaboration product between Bandai's popular "Manmaru-yaki" series with cream inside the round dough and the popular TV anime "Tokyo Revengers". The glutinous, round dough wraps the custard-flavored cream and is branded with designs of Budo Hanagaki, Manjiro Sano, and Ken Ryuguji on the surface of the dough.

There are four branding brands in total, including two branding brands of Manjiro Sano. The original design of Manmaru-yaki is a must-see.

The Mamanmaru stickers, which come as an extra, come in a total of 10 varieties. The lineup includes 10 characters who are very active in this season's TV anime. Each sticker is designed in the style of a traffic safety sticker with each character straddling his or her beloved plane, and can be collected to recreate a touring scene. Two of them are secret designs.

Famima "Tokyo Revengers Manmaru Yaki

(C) Ken Wakui, Kodansha / "Tokyo Revengers" Production Committee