JR Tokyo Station Limited "Tokyo Banana Almond Caramel Sandwich"

From the Tokyo souvenir brand "Tokyo Banana World", "Tokyo Banana" Mitsuketta "Almond Caramel Sand" will be released on March 15th only at JR Tokyo Station. The price is 680 yen (tax included, same below) for 4 pieces.

"Tokyo Banana" Mitsuketta "Almond Caramel Sandwich" is the first "vegan sweets" in the history of Tokyo Banana. The concept is "delicious vegan (vegan sweets)". Not only is it 100% vegetable, but we also aimed for 100% deliciousness.

JR Tokyo Station Limited "Tokyo Banana Almond Caramel Sandwich"
Tokyo Banana Almond Caramel Sandwich

The decisive factor is "almond milk," which is a noteworthy material introduced by many overseas celebrities as being good for both beauty and health. With gentle milk born from almonds loved by pastry chefs, we have created a new caramel sweet with plenty of fragrance.

All materials are 100% vegetable. "Aromatic almond milk" instead of butter and dairy products, "rich tensai sugar" instead of white sugar, "100% vegetable almond caramel" cooked with a gentle secret banana, with skin Sprinkled with roasted almonds and sandwiched with almond-scented cookies. A very good vegan caramel sweet that cheeks the deliciousness of almonds.

It is recommended not only for vegans and vegetarians, but also for those who are allergic to eggs and dairy products, those who are working hard on dietary restrictions for beauty and health, and those who are taboo on carnivorous food due to culture and religion (*).

* 4: Animal food and alcohol are not used, but they are not halal certified products.