Chateraise "Motora"

At each Chateraise store, "Monaka" and "Motora", a combination of Monaka and Dorayaki, are on sale from March 6th. The shape is cute!

"Motorakoshian" for 151 yen (tax included) per piece. It is a Japanese confectionery that sandwiches the dora-yaki skin that is softly baked with fresh eggs and the home-cooked rice cake with chewy gyuhi in the middle of the crispy fragrance.

Dorayaki skin uses plenty of egg yolk. The finish is such that you can feel the richness of the egg like castella. In addition, azuki beans from Tokachi, Hokkaido are carefully cooked in Hakushu famous water to create an elegant sweetness. There is a chewy fertilizer inside.

"Motora" is a new type of Japanese sweet that you can enjoy the harmonious taste of dorayaki, monaka, bean paste, and fertilizer. Not only for home use, but also for small inserts and souvenirs.