Ministop "Apple Mango Parfait"

"Apple Mango Parfait" is on sale from March 6th at each Ministop store. The price is 338 yen (excluding tax).

"Apple Mango Parfait" is sold in limited quantities from spring to autumn every year. It is popular as a fruit parfait where you can enjoy the exquisite harmony of mango pulp, mango sauce, and soft serve vanilla.

Ministop "Apple Mango Parfait"

The mango pulp uses Thai mango "Mahachanok", which is characterized by its rich aroma and rich taste. Only the ones with high sugar content are carefully selected, and the mango pulp that brings out the sweetness and aroma by further ripening is cut into bite-sized pieces. The natural sweetness and fruity scent are trapped by quick freezing.

"Mahachanok" is also used for mango sauce, and it is finished with a rich taste with high sweetness and aroma.

In addition, Soft Cream Vanilla, which is also a signboard product of MINISTOP, is a dish that makes the most of the milky feeling with raw milk and fresh cream from Hokkaido, and brings out the richness with domestic egg yolk. It goes well with mango.