Afternoon Tea "Christmas Luxury Tea Course"

The Afternoon Tea Tea Room offers a "Christmas Luxury Tea Course". Held only at stores from December 1st. It will be held until December 15th (weekdays only, time varies depending on the store). Reservations start from 12:00 on November 17th. The price is 3,630 yen (tax included) for 120 minutes.

Christmas luxury tea course

A course where you can enjoy special sweets and tea with a complete reservation system is available only on weekdays. It was held for the first time in spring and was very popular, so this is the third time it will be held.

Seven kinds of sweets such as the seasonal "Strawberry and Almond Shortcake" and the popular "Apple Pie" and "Sweet Potato Pudding", two of the three savory items, and a warm strawberry and apple parfait This is a course where you can enjoy the course-limited special pie "Strawberry and Apple Special Pie" with white chocolate sauce along with tea-free (free tea drink).

As a souvenir, you will receive 3 tea bags.

For tea-free, "Chocolate Milk Tea" is a combination of rich chocolate Assam milk tea and chocolate with orange peel, and "Ringo and Yuzu Ginger Sparkling" which adds homemade yuzu ginger syrup to apple fruity scented tea soda. You can order as many teas as you like from 14 types of tea such as "tea", the popular "chai" and "sweet fruit tea".


・ Strawberry and almond shortcake (seasonal)
・ Apple pie ・ Sweet potato pudding ・ Fruit cake of strawberry and tea ・ Banana cake ・ Scone or seasonal scone ・ Vanilla ice cream


・ Pastrami beef mini sand (seasonal)
・ Beef stew (seasonal)
・ Mini green salad

Course limited special parfait

・ Strawberry and apple special parfait

Tea-free (free tea drink)

・ Chocolat milk tea (seasonal)
・ Sparkling tea of apple and yuzu ginger (seasonal)
・ Double apple tea (seasonal)
・ Fruit Rooibos Tea Peach & Mango (Seasonal)
・ Sweet fruit tea (hot or ice)
・ Chai (hot or ice)
・ Chai Cream Float ・ Afternoon Tea Blend ・ Five O'clock Tea ・ Darjeeling ・ Assam ・ Earl Gray (Hot or Ice)
・ Decaf Afternoon Tea ・ Decaf Earl Gray (hot or ice)
・ Blend coffee / ice coffee / cafe au lait

The implementation stores are as follows.

Afternoon Tea Tea Room Espal 2 Sendai, Espal Sendai, Sendai Fujisaki, Koriyama Thin, Niigata Isetan, Lumine Kitasenju, Atre Ueno, Tokyo Sky Tree Town, Tokyu Department Store Kichijoji Store, Seiseki Sakuragaoka Keio S / C, Tamagawa Takashimaya S / C , Frel with Jiyugaoka, Tamaplaza Terrace, Mark Is Minato Mirai, Honatsugi Milord, Tokyu Plaza Totsuka, Ofuna Lumine Wing, ODAKYU Shonan GATE, Maruhiro Department Store Kawagoe Store, Isetan Urawa Store, Seibu Tokorozawa SC, Takashimaya Kashiwa Store, LaLaport TOKYO-BAY , Mito Keisei Department Store, Meitetsu Department Store Main Store, Matsuzakaya Nagoya Store, Hoshigaoka Mitsukoshi, Shizuoka Isetan, Kintetsu Department Store Yokkaichi Store, Kuzuha Mall, Senri Hankyu, Whitey Umeda, Keihan Mall, Takashimaya Osaka Store, Tennoji Mio, Kawanishi Hankyu, Hanshin Department Store Nishinomiya , Daimaru Kobe store, Daimaru Kyoto store, Isetan Takashimaya store, Fukuoka Mitsukoshi * Seiseki Sakuragaoka Keio S / C, Kuzuha Mall have different dates