Nakau Mala Tantan Udon

A new menu "Mala Tantan Udon" will be released on March 12th at each "Nakau" restaurant of Donburi and Kyoto-style udon. Scheduled to be sold for a limited time until mid-April.

Nakau Mala Tantan Udon

A menu based on the original menu "Tantan Udon", which is made by mixing sesame paste with Nakau's Japanese-style dashi stock and sticking to the soup. The first appearance of "Mala Sauce" is added to this as an attachment.

The soup of dandan udon and the mala sauce that goes well with it are combined to create a more "spicy" taste with a pronounced numbness. You can enjoy the umami of both the soup and the ingredients by entwining it with udon, special minced meat, and green onions.

The price is average 530 yen and small 390 yen (both including tax). To go is also possible.

Nakau's new Mala Tantan Udon

Mala sauce can be added separately for 40 yen (tax included). The more you put it on, the more stimulating taste of "Shibikara" spreads in your mouth. You can also add toppings to menus other than dandan udon, so you can arrange it in addition to your favorite bowl, udon, soba, etc.