Sutadon "Powerful Burg Combined Sutadon"

From the bowl chains "Legendary Sutadonya" and "Specialty Sutadonten", "Powerful Berg Combined Sutadon" will be released on January 29th. The price is 920 yen (tax included, same below). For a limited time.

"Powerful Burg Combined Rice Bowl" is a large bowl of rice with a heap of shredded cabbage and the same amount of pork rose meat as the rice bowl that has been popular since its establishment. In addition, a large-sized hamburger bowl, which is the first in the history of Sutadonya, is placed on a whole bowl, which is a hearty bowl.

By frying the hamburger steak, the outside is crispy and the inside is juicy, giving it a new texture full of gravy. "Powerful specially made Sutamina sauce" with plenty of hamburger is a soy sauce-based sauce with spices, kabayaki sauce added in a golden ratio, and grated garlic mixed with plenty, it seems to be a Sutadonya. It has a rich, sweet and spicy taste with garlic punch.

It goes well with hamburger steak, meat and cabbage. You can also change the taste mellowly with the mayonnaise and raw eggs that are attached, so you can enjoy it until the end without getting tired.

In addition, for an additional 360 yen, you can upgrade the meat of the rice bowl to double and the hamburger steak to "W prime". The total amount of meat is a masterpiece volume of over 1 pound (450 g).

Sutadon "Powerful Burg Combined Sutadon"

Not available at the following stores.
Dangozaka SA (down line) store, Shimizu PA store, Yono station square store, diversity Tokyo plaza store, Pasar Hasuda (up line) store, Higashiyamato store, Nakano Shimbashi store, Mi-san's store