Starbucks "Natti White Chocolate Frappuccino"

"Natti White Chocolate Frappuccino" sold at Starbucks. It is a Christmas-like beverage with the image of illuminations with chocolate toppings and Alazan.

This time, we will introduce a custom that you can enjoy the strongest combination of nuts and chocolate. The nuts are rich and insanely delicious!

What kind of custom?

・ Natti White Chocolate Frappuccino Tax not included 590 yen ・ Milk changed to low-fat milk ・ Almond toffee syrup added a little

Starbucks "Natti White Chocolate Frappuccino"

The base of the taste is "nuts & white chocolate sauce" using hazelnuts and white chocolate. In addition, almond toffee syrup and roasted walnuts that accentuate the texture are combined, and you can enjoy a trio of nuts such as hazelnuts, almonds, and walnuts. It harmonizes with the deep richness of white chocolate, and finally the fragrance is fluffy. The subtle astringency of walnuts remains in the aftertaste.

The sauce is plentiful on top of the whipped cream, so the more you mix it, the richer the taste. It has a strong sweetness, but it does not become heavy due to the low fat content of the milk. Enjoying nuts from the beginning to the last bite is the best ...!

Starbucks "Natti White Chocolate Frappuccino"

If you like "Gianduja", a sweet that combines nuts and chocolate, you will definitely love this custom. If you want more chocolate flavor, we recommend adding chocolate sauce. "Natti White Chocolate Frappuccino" will be sold out as soon as it is sold out, so please try it before Christmas!