Capsule toy "Cat Drink"

Kitan Club will release a capsule toy "Cat Drink" on December 7th. The price is 300 yen (tax included) each time. The contents are random.

"Liquefied cats" that fit comfortably in a small container are made into figures as if they were drinks! Cats are transformed into delicious drinks such as milkshakes and cream soda.

There are 5 types of lineup that you are interested in: "milkshake", "cream soda", "coffee float", "caramel frappe", and "strawberry shake". It is a lineup that makes you want to line up like a coffee shop menu.

Capsule toy "Cat Drink"

The cat figure can be taken out of the glass. The charm point is the tight hands. The pink paws that stick to the glass and the cherries on your head will make you feel at ease.

A liquefied cat figure "Cat Drink" that cat lovers will want to complete. Why don't you try it when you see it?