Kitan Club "A mascot full of Chiikawa food"
(The image is quoted from the official website)

Kitan Club sells "Chikawa Foods Full Mascot". The price is 300 yen (tax included) for the capsule version and 300 yen (excluding tax) for the PK version. The contents are random. The size is about 27mm to 45mm.

Chiikawa A lot of food mascots

From the popular character "Chikawa" drawn by illustrator Nagano, a mascot focusing on "food" has appeared! From the stories where food comes out, we carefully selected one frame that is particularly popular and impressive and made it three-dimensional.

Attention is paid to the lively facial expressions of Chiikawa, such as their cute smiles and their delicious cheeks. We are particular about the modeling of food such as pizza bun cheese that stretches and fluffy giant omelet rice, and the finish is faithful to the original.

If you shoot it with the actual food, it will look great on SNS. With all kinds of ball chains. There are 6 types in the lineup.

・ Cream puff ・ Melon bread ・ Sushi ・ Pizza bun ・ Omelet rice ・ Squid

(C) nagano