Capsule toy "Yamabuki-colored sweets mascot"
(The image is taken from the J Dream official Twitter account)

From J Dream, the new capsule toy "Yamabuki-colored sweets mascot" will be on sale from March 10th. The price is 300 yen (tax included) each time. The contents are random.

The "Yamabuki-colored sweets mascot" is a mascot that reproduces the "Yamabuki-colored sweets" that move the hearts of the lieutenants. When you remove the paper sheet of sweets, it is full of oval coins and wads. A discerning finish with a realistic golden oval.

There are 5 types of lineup: "Sweets (Oval)", "Sweets (Bills)", "Senryobako", "Box Juice A", and "Box Juice B". I'm glad that there are bills as well as oval cards!

That famous scene that everyone knows "It's a bright yellow candy that your lieutenant likes", "Hohoho, the Lord is also evil", you can play pretend Unique capsule toy "Yamabuki-colored sweets mascot". If you give it as a gift, the other person will instinctively "grin" !? It will be fun to take a picture with your own figure! When you see it, please try it ♪