"Kenelephant Sake Pleasure miniature collection 2" from Ken Elephant
(The image is quoted from the official website)

Ken Elephant will sell the interior figure "Kenelephant Sake no Pleasure miniature collection 2" from the end of January. Capsules are 400 yen and BOX is 440 yen (both including tax). Available at capsule toy stores, hobby shops, online shops, bookstores, Kenelestand Akihabara store / Shimbashi station store, Ueno Land, etc. nationwide.

Familiar sake such as "Kinmiya Shochu" and "High Sour Lemon" are now miniature figures. The lineup is as follows.

Pleasure with sake miniature collection 2

・ Kinmiya Shochu / Shiso Shochu Tantakatan / Red Forged Takatan * Either "Shiso Shochu Tantakatan" or "Red Forged Takatan" is included.
・ High Sour Lemon ・ Ceramic Sake Del Cup ・ Dry / Ceramic Sake Del Cup ・ Sweet ※ Either “Ceramic Sake Del Cup ・ Dry” or “Ceramic Sake Del Cup ・ Sweet” is included.
・ Hub liquor with hub ・ Rock ice cup type

Rakuten & Yahoo Shop [Official] is accepting reservations with 8 packs + 1 bonus figure.

* The images shown are samples under development and may differ slightly from the actual product.