Ken Elephant "JUNSOCHA Miniature Collection - Landscape with JUNSOCHA Vol.2

Ken-Elephant Junkosha Miniature Collection - Landscape with Junkosha Vol. 2 -

"Junkosha Miniature Collection - Landscape with Junkosha Vol. 2" will be available from Ken-Elephant. The price is 550 yen for the box and 500 yen for the capsule (tax included).

JUNSOCHA Miniature Collection - Scenes from a

JUNSOCHA - Vol. 2"

is the second miniature collection that brings back the nostalgic scenes of JUNSOCHA. The lineup includes a total of six types. 1.

1. signboard light "Chimoto Coffee"
2. chair (Gunma, Japan)
3. coffee bean table set of 2 (Tokyo, Japan)
4. hot coffee & original canned coffee (Kyoto, Japan)
5. iced coffee (Tokyo, Japan)

Supervision Rina Namba

The signboard light "Chimoto Coffee" glows when switched on. It glows when the switch is turned on. The battery is used up. It cannot be replaced. Hot Coffee & Original Canned Coffee Coffee Bean Bag can be placed inside the can. The saucer also has the store's logo. For iced coffee, the "coffee grounds" on the ashtray are non-adhesive and removable.