Roll ice cream factory "Kumamon's Kumamoto roll ice"
Full of ingredients from Kumamoto! "Kumamon's Kumamoto Roll Ice"

At the roll ice specialty store "ROLL ICE CREAM FACTORY", two types of "Kumamon's Kumamoto Roll Ice" are on sale in collaboration with Kumamoto Prefectural Office and Kumamon. Limited until December 31st.

In both types of ice cream, Kumamoto's ingredients are mixed with roll ice cream or used as toppings. In addition, the container uses the "Kumamon & Shiro-kun's Special Design Cup" with the official characters of the Roll Ice Cream Factory "Shiro-kun" and Kumamon drawn on it.

Roll ice cream factory "Kumamon's amazake roll ice"
Kumamon's Amazake Roll Ice

"Kumamon Amazake Roll Ice" is based on strawberry, and uses sweet sake from Kumamoto as a mix-in, tangerine chips from Kumamoto as toppings, donut sticks from Kumamoto, whipped cream and sprinkles as sauce.

Roll ice cream factory "Kumamon's cookie roll ice"
Kumamon cookie roll ice

"Kumamon cookie roll ice" is based on vanilla, with Kumamon cookies as a mix-in, Kumamoto chestnuts and Kumamoto decopon as toppings, and whipped cream and sprinkles as sauces.

The price is 900 yen each (excluding tax, the same applies below), and the set with the original big can badge is 1,000 yen.

Roll Ice Cream Factory "Original Big Can Badge"
Original big can badge

There are 6 stores, "Harajuku / Omotesando Main Store", "Osaka / Dotonbori Store", "Aeon Mall Sakai Kita Hanada Store", "Nagoya / LACHIC Store", "Yokohama / Yamashita Park Don Quixote Store", and "Kyoto / Shinkyogoku Store". The Roll Ice Cream Factory's "Taipei Weifeng Nanshan Atre Store" in Taiwan will also sell collaborative ice cream, although the content will vary depending on the purchase of ingredients.