GARIGARIKUN Kyushu Mikan" collaboration between GARIGARIKUN and Kumamon

Akagi Nyugyo

"Garigari-kun Kyushu Mikan" will be sold by Akagi Nyugyo. It will go on sale on March 14. The price is 76 yen per bottle (tax included).

Garigari-kun Kyushu


"Garigari-kun Kyushu Mikan" is a popsicle containing mikan shaved ice with a crunchy texture inside mikan ice cream. In order to deliver more of the delicious taste and commitment of GARIGARIKUN, the shaved ice has been renewed with coarser shavings and a greater proportion of larger ice cubes to enhance the refreshing aftertaste than before.

This year, the seventh year, Kumamon and Garigarigi-kun appear together again. This year's package will feature the logo of "Kumamon Land," a project launched in 2022 to promote the appeal and worldview of the very popular Kumamon character Kumamon, as well as PR for Kumamoto's reconstruction efforts. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of the new product will be donated to the Kumamoto disaster relief efforts.

Refreshing aftertaste! The renewed "Garigari-kun Kyushu Mikan" is definitely worth checking out. Why don't you pick one up when you see it?