Collaboration with Kumamon "Gari-Gari-kun Kyushu Mandarin"

From Akagi Nyugyo's "Garigari-kun" series, "Garigari-kun Kyushu Mikan" will be released on March 10th. The price is 70 yen (excluding tax).

"Gari-Gari-kun Kyushu Mandarin" is a mandarin-flavored popsicle with mandarin-flavored shaved ice, which has a crunchy texture. Uses 7% orange juice. The calorie is 64 kcal.

This year, the fourth year, Kumamon and Gari-gari will appear together, and the design will be limited to 2020 with the Kumamon 10th Anniversary logo. In addition, a part of the sales of the products released this time will be donated to support the reconstruction of the Kumamoto earthquake.

"Garigari-kun Kyushu oranges" in collaboration with Kumamon. Why don't you cooperate with Kumamoto earthquake reconstruction support in a delicious and fun way?