Maisen "Fillet and Sandwich"
The classic fillet and sandwich have been renewed!

The standard menu "Fillet Katsu Sandwich" of Tonkatsu "Maisen" has been renewed, so I tried it. It is said that the bread has a smooth texture, but how about it?

Maisen's "Fillet and Sandwich"
Familiar package

Maisen's fillet and sandwich are available in 3 pieces when you want to eat easily, 6 pieces when you want to make rice firmly, 9 pieces when you want to share it with everyone, and 9 pieces when you want to use it as a insert, each price is 390 It is JPY (excluding tax, the same applies below), JPY 780, and JPY 1,170. This time it's 3 pieces.

Maisen's "Fillet and Sandwich"
Cut into 3 pieces

According to Maisen's product description, in order to cut the bread in a fluffy state, the conventional jagged blade called "wave blade" is replaced with a smooth blade called "round blade" to reduce the cross-sectional area of the bread. Then, I heard that it had a smooth texture.

Maisen's "Fillet and Sandwich"
Bread is more fluffy and moist

The appearance and recipe are the same, but when you chew it, the moist texture is increasing. As the cross-sectional area of the cut surface of the bread becomes smaller, the absorption of water slows down, so there is less dryness in the mouth, and the more you chew, the softer it melts. Since the absorption of the sauce is slowed down, it seems that the bread and the sauce will be kept in an appropriate state.

Maisen's "Fillet and Sandwich"
Cutlet and sauce are also in better condition

I'll try to see if it's so different just by changing the cut of the bread. The tenderloin fillet is wrapped in a fine batter of bread crumbs, and the sweet sauce is firmly absorbed. The bread is fluffy and moist. It doesn't feel dry and melts in your mouth immediately.

Maisen's "Fillet and Sandwich"
High degree of perfection that does not change

However, I cannot deny the feeling that "Maisen's fillet and sand were like this from the beginning." I have eaten it many times as a luxurious light meal that I pick up at a directly managed store or a supermarket corner when I am hungry, but this time the bread has a fluffy and moist feeling, although it has a high degree of perfection. And I don't have the impression that the taste with the sauce has improved. It's a little over-the-top, but the fins and sandwiches were still delicious.