Kimuraya Fuhonten x Maisen "An Butter Sandwich

An An Butter Sandwich, a collaboration with Kimuraya Sohonten from Mai-izumi, will be available nationwide from September 21. The price is 368 yen per box (tax included).

Maiizumi An Butter Sandwich

Since An Butter Sandwich was introduced in November 2021 and has been well received, the sales area has been expanded to include directly managed stores in Kanazawa, Okayama, Ehime, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, and Oita.

The same bread used for Maiizumi's filet cutlet sandwiches is used for the bread, which is characterized by its fluffy texture and smoothness. The same Hokkaido azuki beans used in Kimuraya's anpan are combined with koshian (red bean paste) kneaded for the anbutter sandwiches.

Salted whipped butter is added to the sandwich to balance the bread and red bean paste. The salty taste of the butter enhances the gentle sweetness of the bean paste. It can be enjoyed as is or warmed up.

It is sold at Maisen directly-managed stores, Kimuraya directly-managed stores, and consignment stores nationwide. It is not sold at the Maizumi Sapporo Tokyu Store and the Maizumi Nagano Tokyu Store.