Maisen "Special fillet and increase campaign"

It was announced on the official website that the "special fin and volume increase campaign" will be held again at Maisen. It will be held from August 25th to 31st at all directly managed stores nationwide.

Maisen special fin and volume increase campaign

This time, Maisen's Tonkatsu's signature menu "Special Fillet" will be increased and sold for a limited time. Normally, 90g (3.17oz) per sheet will be 100g (3.53oz), and the price will remain unchanged at 789 yen (tax included) per sheet.

In April and July, when a similar initiative was implemented under the title of "Special Fillet and Increased Volume Campaign ", it was announced that it will be implemented again because it was well received. The special fillet is a dish prepared with pork selected for Maisen, wrapped in original bread crumbs, and fried.

Please note that the campaign period is subject to change. Maisen's directly managed stores can be listed by prefecture from the official website. As of August, business hours may change depending on the region and store.