Lawson Store 100 "Yakiimo Fair"

The "Yakiimo Fair" is being held at Lawson Store 100 from November 6th. A lineup of bread and sweets made with seasonal sweet potatoes (excluding some stores).

・ Grilled potato-style cream puff 100 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below)
A cream puff with plenty of roasted whipped cream in a fragrant puff pastry. By blending caramel with whipped cream to make it bitter, even the "burnt feeling" of baked goods is expressed.

Lawson Store 100 "Yakiimo-style cream puff"

・ Grilled potato-style sweet potato 100 yen
Sweet potato with grilled potato paste added to the dough.

Lawson Store 100 "Yakiimo-style Sweet Potato"

・ Sweet potato sandwich 200 yen
Add finely cut sweet potatoes to the filling of sweet potatoes and sandwich with cream.

Lawson Store 100 "Sweet Potato Sandwich"

・ Steamed buns with roasted potatoes 100 yen
Steamed buns made by adding bean paste to the dough to create a moist and fluffy bun.

Lawson Store 100 "Yakiimo-style steamed bread"

・ Baked imo-style bread 100 yen
Bread that is made by wrapping sweet and fragrant roasted bean paste and baking it to look and taste like roasted bread. * Specifications vary depending on the area

Lawson Store 100 "Yakiimo-style bread"

・ Grilled potato-style ankoro mochi (2 pieces) 100 yen
Ankoro mochi wrapped in red bean paste. You can enjoy the sweet and fragrant taste and the smooth melting in the mouth. The Chubu / Kinki area will be released on November 6th, and the Kanto area will be released on November 7th.

Lawson Store 100 "Yakiimo-style Ankoro Mochi (2 pieces)"

If you purchase grilled potatoes and Anno potatoes during the period from November 6th to November 26th, you will be issued a coupon that will give you a 20 yen discount on your next purchase.

Lawson Store 100 "Yakiimo Fair"