"Pear cake" Cafe Commeca Ginza store only

From Cafe Comsa, which proposes cakes full of artistic sense that you can feel the four seasons of Japan using delicious seasonal fruits carefully selected from production areas and farms all over Japan, "Niigata Prefecture's" Shinmitsuki "is limited to the Ginza store. ) ”・“ Shino ”pear cake” is on sale. Prices start from 1,000 yen (tax included) for one piece. The sales period is about one month (the deployment period may vary depending on the arrival status of pears).

The new varieties of pears "Shin Mizuki" and "Shinou", which are carefully selected from more than a thousand trees, are extremely rare pears that are rarely distributed on the market.

Named after "a beautiful moon-like pear born in Niigata Prefecture," "Shin Mizuki" is a perfect balance of large, firm sweetness and moderate acidity. Named after "a pear born in Niigata prefecture that aims to be the best king in Japan," "Shinou" is characterized by its rich sweetness, which is one of the best among pears, and its crispy texture. A "pear cake" that uses this new variety of pear abundantly and is beautifully decorated with black sesame mousse on the base of mascarpone will be available only at the Ginza store.

For the cake, use either Shin Mizuki or Shino pear. It is a special dish that can only be eaten at this time of year.