Autumn / winter limited sweets "Fondant Chocolat"

At each Ministop store, the autumn / winter limited sweets "Fondant Chocolat" are on sale. The price is 343 yen (tax included).

"Fondant au chocolat", which you can enjoy the harmony of "chocolate" that melts slightly warm and "soft serve vanilla", is a popular dessert limited to autumn and winter that has been on sale since 2013.

This year, we have increased the amount of ganache that melts from the dough compared to last year to improve the melting feeling. In addition, while maintaining the trendy high cacao, we made it a more authentic taste by blending Belgian chocolate and fresh cream. Calories are 362 kcal per meal.

Ministop's autumn / winter limited "Fondant Chocolat" where you can enjoy two different flavors, "slightly warm" and "cool cold". It's the perfect dessert for the coming season when it gets chilly. How about a snack time?