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Valentine's Day Gift CacaoPleaTure

Ginza KOJI CORNER will introduce the "CacaoPleaTure" series of Valentine's Day gifts, which will be available from early January to February 14, 2023. The official online store will accept pre-orders and deliveries will be made after January 19, 2023.

With the meanings of "Cacao," "Pleasing," and "Couverture," each piece of chocolate will be prepared as a baked good to enjoy the charm of chocolate. The new lineup includes "Cacao Madeleines," "Chocolate Sablé," "Fondant Chocolat," "Fondant Chocolat (Pistachio)," and an assortment of "Gateau Sec," "Gateau Sec Mix," "Fondant Chocolat Mix," and "Nuts.



"Cacao Madeleines" use floral and fruity Belgian chocolate in the dough, and the gorgeous aroma and deep bitter taste of cacao spreads with a soft and moist texture. It can be included in an assortment of other baked goods.

Ginza KOJI CORNER "Cacao Madeleine
cacao madeleines


Sablé "Chocolat Sablé" is made with rich and mild Belgian chocolate cream and almond praline. The richly aromatic and richly flavored chocolate cream is sandwiched between cocoa sablé, giving it a rich cocoa flavor. It can be included in an assortment of other baked goods.

Ginza KOJI CORNER "Chocolat Sablé
Chocolate Sable



"Fondant Chocolat" is made with rich and mild Belgian chocolate, and the rich chocolate sauce is trapped in the smooth chocolate dough. The smooth texture allows you to enjoy the deep taste of cacao and its pleasant aftertaste. The chocolate melts when heated in a microwave oven, providing an even more spectacular taste.

The price is 756 yen for a pack of two (tax included, same below).

Ginza Cozy Corner "Fondant Chocolat
fondant chocolate

Fondant Chocolat (


) "Fondant Chocolat (Pistachio)" is a smooth chocolate dough made with rich and mild Belgian chocolate, and pistachio ganache. The deep flavor of the cacao and the savory and mild taste of the pistachios complement each other to create a rich and expressive flavor. When heated in a microwave oven, the pistachio ganache melts and the richness of the cacao and the aroma and flavor of the pistachios deepen.

The price is 864 yen for a package of two.

Ginza KOJI CORNER "Fondant Chocolat (Pistachio)
Fondant Chocolate (Pistachio)


Sec "Gateau Sec" is a set of "Cacao Madeleines" and "Chocolat Sablé" baked sweets that allow you to enjoy the rich flavor of Belgian chocolate in each.

The price is 1,080 yen for a six-piece set of three of each. A 9-piece set including 4 cacao madeleines and 5 chocolate sablés is priced at 1,620 yen.

Ginza KOJI CORNER "Gateau Sec" 6 pieces
Gateau Sec 6 pieces

Ginza Cosy Corner "Gateau Sec" 9 pieces
Gateau Sec 9 pieces


Sec Mix "Gateau Sec Mix" set includes three each of cacao madeleines and chocolate sablé, plus one each of fondant chocolat and fondant chocolat (pistachio). The price is 1,944 yen.

Ginza KOJI CORNER "Gateau Sec Mix
Gateau Sec Mix


Chocolat Mix "Fondant Chocolat Mix" set includes two each of "fondant chocolate" and "fondant chocolate (pistachio)". The price is 1,620 yen.

Ginza KOJI CORNER "Fondant Chocolat Mix
Fondant Chocolat Mix


"Nuts" is an assortment to enjoy the combination of nuts and chocolate. There are five flavors in the assortment: White Pistachio, Almond Crush, Almond, Hazelnut, and Hazelnut Milk.

The "White Pistache" is a combination of pistachio and chocolate gianduja, roasted pistachios, and crispy fiandine covered in white chocolate. The rich flavor and full-bodied taste are sure to please.

Ginza KOJI CORNER "White Pistache
white pistachio (Pistacia verticillata)

The "Almond Crush" is made with roasted almonds that have been finely ground and coated with milk chocolate. You can enjoy the rich taste of almonds and milk chocolate.

Ginza KOJI CORNER "Almond Crush
Almond Crush

The "Almond" is an almond gianduja with caramelized crushed almonds and roasted almonds on the top.

Ginza KOJI CORNER "Almond

The "Hazelnut" is made of roasted hazelnut paste combined with chocolate. The hazelnut paste is smooth and smooth in the mouth, and the richness and aroma of the hazelnuts can be enjoyed.

Ginza KOJI CORNER "Hazelnut

The "Hazelnut Milk" is a gianduja made of hazelnut and milk chocolate, covered with milk chocolate. The deep, rich flavor of the hazelnuts and milk chocolate meld together to create a mellow, mellow taste.

Ginza KOJI CORNER "Hazelnut Milk
hazelnut milk

The price is 756 yen for a pack of 5 pieces of each of the 5 flavors, and 1,512 yen for a pack of 10 pieces of each of the 2 flavors.

Ginza KOJI CORNER "Nuts" 5pcs.
Nuts 5 pcs.

Ginza KOJI CORNER "Nuts" 10 pieces
Nuts 10 pcs.

Stores may be closed or hours of operation may be shortened due to the new coronavirus infection control measures. For details, please contact the customer service center. Tax included prices are rounded down to the nearest yen. In some stores, there may be a difference from the actual purchase price. There are no other stores in Fukui, Kyoto, and Tottori prefectures.