Cafe Comsa's "Fruit Marron Short"
Chestnuts and fresh fruits!

At "Cafe Comsa", a cake "Fruit Maron Short", which is a mixture of boiled chestnuts in astringent skin, Mont Blanc cream, and fresh fruits, will be on sale. Limited time until the end of September.

At Cafe Comsa, Western confectionery that makes you feel the four seasons of Japan is made from time to time using seasonal fruits selected from production areas and farms nationwide, and this time Fruit Maron Short is one of them.

Cafe Comsa's "Fruit Marron Short"
With 5 kinds of fruits

Five kinds of fresh fruits such as mango, strawberry, banana, kiwi and blueberry are included, and chestnut boiled in astringent skin and Mont Blanc cream are used abundantly. A fluffy sponge is placed on a tart based on bitter chocolate that goes well with these ingredients, making it feel like you can enjoy two types of cake at once.

Cafe Comsa's "Fruit Marron Short"
Enjoy with chestnuts boiled in Shibukawa

The selling price is 1,000 yen (tax included) per piece. The materials used may differ slightly depending on the store. Also, please note that some stores are not eligible. These are "Shibuya Seibu Store", "Honkawagoe Pepe Store", "Kashiwanoha T-SITE Store", "Iias Tsukuba Store", "Takasaki OPA Store", and "Emifull MASAKI Store".