"Ichibiko" NEWoMan Shinjuku store

"NEWoMan Shinjuku" of "Ichibiko", a sweets specialty store of "Eating Jewels Migaki Strawberries", which is full of ripe sweetness, aroma and juiciness, has opened at JR Shinjuku Station Ekinaka.

"Ichibiko" is a strawberry sweets specialty store operated by an agricultural corporation that grows "Eating Jewels Migaki Strawberries". "NEWoMan Shinjuku" is the first store to open in a commercial facility in Tokyo and Ekinaka. It will also be the first To go specialty store to open, unlike traditional cafes.

"Ichibiko" NEWoMan Shinjuku store
NEWoMan Shinjuku store

As a Shinjuku store limited product, "Ichigo Ore (380 yen)", which is a To go cup specification of "Ichibiko Milk", which is the signature product of "Ichibiko", and strawberry jam, which is carefully cooked on strawberry creme damand, are layered. "Strawberry tart (starting at 1,350 yen for 3 pieces)" is now available. The strawberry tart in a specially designed gift box in collaboration with "WILLIAM MORRIS" is also recommended as a souvenir.

"Ichibiko" NEWoMan Shinjuku store
Strawberry ole

In addition, we have a large lineup of products such as strawberry shortcakes, biscuits, and strawberry sandwiches that are popular at existing stores.

* All prices do not include tax

■ ICHIBIKO Newman Shinjuku Store Access: JR Shinjuku Station Miraina Tower ticket gate, Koshu Kaido ticket gate, New South ticket gate