7-ELEVEN "ICHIBIKO Strawberry Mont Blanc Ice"

"ICHIBIKO Strawberry Mont Blanc Ice" will be on sale at 7-ELEVEN. Ice that reproduces the layered structure of Montblanc by layering four types of strawberry materials.

ICHIBIKO Strawberry Mont Blanc Ice

"ICHIBIKO Strawberry Mont Blanc Ice" is a Mont Blanc ice cream that you can enjoy the freshness of strawberries. The layered structure of Montblanc is reproduced by superimposing four types of strawberry materials. It was developed by Imuraya under the supervision of "ICHIBIKO", a strawberry sweets specialty store operated by GRA, an agricultural production corporation that grows "eating jewels Migaki strawberries".

A cookie crunch is spread on the bottom, and strawberry milk ice cream that matches the taste and milkiness of strawberry and sweet and sour strawberry bean paste containing strawberry pure are woven in layers. Strawberry milk ice cream contains a fresh strawberry sauce, and you can enjoy the change in taste.

7-ELEVEN "ICHIBIKO Strawberry Mont Blanc Ice"

The package has a unique and cute design with "Ichibi Kosagi" printed on it. It will be released nationwide from January 4th. The estimated price is 298 yen (excluding tax).