Bagels and Bagels "ICHIBIKO Strawberry Milk" "ICHIBIKO Strawberry Milk Sandwich"

From BAGEL & BAGEL, bagels "ICHIBIKO strawberry milk" and bagel sand "ICHIBIKO strawberry milk sand" in collaboration with strawberry sweets specialty store "ICHIBIKO" will be available for a limited time from November 29th to December 26th. It will be sold at.

ICHIBIKO strawberry milk

A bagel inspired by the taste of the popular No. 1 drink "Ichibiko Milk" sold at Ichibiko Cafe. The mark is the original sticker that the popular "Ichibikosagi" is trying to bring out the "Strawberry Milk Bagel". The price is 247 yen (tax included).

Bagel and bagel "ICHIBIKO strawberry milk"

ICHIBIKO Strawberry Milk Sandwich

ICHIBIKO Strawberry milk bagel and Ichibiko's Migaki strawberry are used luxuriously in a limited bagel sandwich. The stores are Minami Machida Grandberry Park store and S-PAL Sendai store. The price is 1,100 yen (10% tax included).

Bagel and bagel "ICHIBIKO Strawberry Milk Sandwich"


A store specializing in strawberry sweets by GRA, an agricultural production corporation that grows "eating jewels, Migaki strawberries." We deliver delicious moments of exciting, sweet and sour and happy strawberries that make you feel like you are in a strawberry field.