Tyrol Choco "Tyrol Choco [Nashi]"
Pear Sauce and Mellow! Juicy summer chocolate

Tyrol Choco (Pear)

I tried the new seasonal product "Tirol Choco [Nashi]" from Tirol Choco. The chocolate is filled with a thick pear-flavored syrup that smells like you've bitten into the real thing, with a hint of sweetness and sourness.

Pear flavors are becoming more and more common in convenience stores and supermarkets. The price of Tirol Choco [Nashi] is the same as the traditional Tirol Choco, 30 yen per piece (tax not included). There are three types of packaging.

Tyrol Choco "Tyrol Choco [Nashi]"
There are three types of packaging. You will want to buy them all together!

The pear-flavored chocolate is filled with crunchy pear chips and pear sauce to recreate the feeling of biting into a real fruit. It is made with Nijisseiki pears from Tottori Prefecture, and has a refreshing and elegant taste perfect for the summer season, but you can also feel the faint footsteps of autumn.

Tyrol Choco "Tyrol Choco [Nashi]"
Cute bite size

When I cut it with a knife, I could see that the top side of the chocolate was indeed filled with thick syrup. When I tasted it, the aroma of pears was so distinct that I forgot I was eating chocolate for a moment. It makes me feel like I'm biting into a different kind of candy.

Tyrol Choco "Tyrol Choco [Nashi]"
The sauce has a sweet and sour taste that goes well with the chocolate.

The taste is mellow and refreshing, just like biting into a real pear, but I think the sweet and sour taste is even better than the real thing, probably because it goes well with the chocolate. Just one pear is enough to enjoy the pear flavor, but the cute design makes you want to buy three pears, each with a different pattern.