Chirole Chocolate Big Chirole (Aurora)" New Chirole Chocolate product



Chiror [Aurora] Yumekawa

Chirorucho will release a new product, "Chirorucho Big Chiror [Aurora]". The release date is January 23. The price is 216 yen (tax included).

The "Tyrol Chocolate Big Tyrol (Aurora)" is an assortment of

four types of white Tyrols in a rainbow-colored Aurora box

. It is ideal as a small gift for Valentine's Day, White Day, and other occasions. The four flavors include new flavors "White Marshmallow," "White Butter Cookie," "White Strawberry," and the popular "White Bis" from the event.

Each flavor is individually wrapped with a cute illustration. 15 pieces (White Bis, White Marshmallow, White Butter Cookie: 4 each, White Strawberry: 3).

Some stores may not carry the product. Sales will end as soon as the product is sold out.