Tyrol Chocolate "Uma Musume Pretty Derby [Bag]".

Tyrol Chocolate


amusume Pretty Derby [Bag]"


A new product from Tyrol Chocolate, "Umamusume Pretty Derby [Bag]," will be released on February 24. It will be available at 7-ELEVEN stores nationwide.


product is a collaboration between Tyrol Chocolate and the popular game "Uma Musume Pretty Derby," which has been downloaded more than 17 million times and will celebrate its second anniversary on February 24. The product lineup includes a total of 40 individual package designs featuring illustrations of the game's characters.

Tyrol Chocolate "Uma Musume Pretty Derby [Bag]".

The flavor is inspired by the character Tokai Teio's favorite food, "Hachimi Drink. It is a combination of honey flavored chocolate and butter cookies. The sweet aroma of honey is accentuated by the chocolate, and the crunchy texture can be enjoyed.

Tyrol Chocolate "Uma Musume Pretty Derby [Bag]".

The package contains 8 pieces and is priced at 151 yen (tax included). Sales will end as soon as the product is gone.

Tyrol Chocolate "Uma Musume Pretty Derby [Bag]".

Honey flavoring is used.
Due to the use of honey, do not give to infants under 1 year old.
The design of the individual packages will be randomly selected. Due to the nature of the product, individual package designs may overlap or not all types may be available.