Komeda Morning

Komeda Coffee Shop "Toppings" and "Additions"

"Komeda Coffee Shop" is popular for its classic sweets "Shiro Noir" and hearty foods. Did you know that you can "topping" and "adding" toast and Shiro Noir on the regular menu?

The toppings and additional menus are as follows. (As of August 2019)

・ Egg paste 60 yen (tax included, same below)
・ An Ogura 60 yen ・ Whip 70 yen ・ Boiled egg 60 yen ・ Soft serve 120 yen ・ Additional toast (morning) 180 yen

Komeda toppings

It was a time when I could enjoy "free morning", so I ordered toppings and additional toast. The usual morning is one of the three types, "standard boiled egg", "handmade egg paste", and "Nagoya specialty Ogura bean paste", but you can feel more luxurious with just a little charge.

Komeda Morning
A little extravagant today!

The author especially recommends "Special Ogura Toast" which is a combination of "Ogura bean paste", "soft serve" and "whipped cream"! It is a luxurious combination that you can enjoy the smooth whipped cream, the bean paste that you can enjoy the warmth of beans, and the deliciousness of the cool soft serve ice cream at the same time.

Komeda Morning
Accented with cool soft serve ice cream

For example, if you order the regular's morning trick "Ogura Whipped Toast" that I introduced earlier, you can get +120 yen for soft serve ice cream! It looks fun even if you look for your favorite combination ♪

Also, toppings are possible for some drinks. Just like the regular menu "Cream Soda", you can add "soft serve" to "cola" to make "cola float"!

Drink topped with soft serve ice cream
Also for cola float

Komeda's topping that makes the usual dish (one cup) a little extravagant. Why don't you add your favorite toppings to your favorite menu? The service content may differ depending on the store. Please check with the clerk when ordering.

* Prices may vary depending on the store.